Lilys kitchen - Doggy Diner

For the ladies who lunched in Belgravia it stood to reason they would be thrilled for their pooches to have the same opportunity to dine and be social in their own special place.

Spider created the world’s first-ever Doggy Diner with tables set at different heights embedded with bowls, to suit the tiniest to the largest canines, where they could enjoy the finest doggy cuisine from leading premium pet food brand, Lily’s Kitchen.

With facilities that included a breakout area for relaxing post-meal on dog-eared sofas to strategically placed lamp posts for maximum comfort.

It probably helps that Spider was a pioneer in dog-friendly offices, leading a trend from 18 years ago. Annie, Bruce and their predecessors have always played an important role in client selection.

Lily’s Kitchen – a Spider client from 8 years ago who came back at the start of 2019