Real African Food Company -  Moin Moin


We had a bank of beautiful content to repurpose on the Real African Food Co Instagram feed

15 influencers shared stories and feed posts of the product

The Real African Food Co recently launched Moin Moin, a vegan black-eyed bean based dish, originating from West Africa.

With that in mind, The Real African Food Co. wanted us kick-start an influencer driven campaign to raise consumer awareness and encourage trial for its newly launched range. Through an influencer activation, we ran a three-month campaign to shed some light on this well-kept culinary secret.

We reached out to a range of micro – to mid tier influencers, encouraging them to share their vegan recipes, for their followers to recreate

A true African saying is “One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.” The Agency made sure there were plenty of people eating Moin Moin together