SAGA - Creative campaigning Digital Legacy


•  90 pieces of coverage including in every national and numerous broadcast
•  Thousands of visits to Saga Legal’s website and hundreds of downloads of the Saga Guide to Digital Legacy
•  Strong brand awareness among consumers that Saga did things differently
•  Our campaign prompted the Law Society to develop an official position on a new area

When launching into the UK, Saga Legal Services wanted to develop a striking campaign that grabbed the attention of the UK over 50s population, driving trial of service

Saga especially wanted a campaign that set it apart from the rest of the industry.

Spider invented a new phrase “digital legacy” to define the emerging question of what happens to a person’s online presence after they pass away.

Over the course of a year, Spider launched numerous campaigns in this area, driving people to Saga’s website and phone lines.

Invention, innovation and fearless delivery – that’s what set us apart for SAGA